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Clyde Heritage League

Dedicated to the preservation of Town of Clyde and its surrounding town's history.

Clyde Museum
A unique Collection of Historical Treasures from
the Clyde area.
McPherson Home
Home of Clyde's famous
Civil War hero,
General James B. McPherson
Heritage Hall
Formerly Clyde's
Old Village Hall

The Clyde Museum and Gen. McPherson House are now closed to the public until February.
Tours are available by special appointment: 419-547-7946

CHL Board of Trustees: Sharon Kinnear, Frank Weasner,
Linda Miller, Deborah Kuns, Kristie Bilger,
Randy Dick, andJohn Cahill

Curator: Gene Smith



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The Clyde Heritage League was founded by Thaddeus B. Hurd (deceased) in 1975. Membership is $5.00 annually payble on or after April, which is the organizational meeting.

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